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Mission & Philosophy
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Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to bring peace of mind to individuals and families by helping define and achieve goals, by providing state-of-the-art education, counseling, and documentation — and by doing so with empathy, compassion, and humor.

Here is what we believe our clients need to achieve peace of mind:

Listening to Our Clients

The Frog Butler in our waiting room holding The Little Book of Great Wisdom.

Most of our clients are thoughtful, insightful, disciplined, creative, funny, smart — or at least some of those things. The Frog Butler in our waiting room holds The Little Book of Great Wisdom, a 30-year collection of wise sayings, observations, stories, and lessons from our clients, from whom we continue to learn every day.
Our work is very serious, but we also believe that if we laugh while we are young, the wrinkles will be in all the right places when we are old. Even in the face of critical health, financial concerns, or the challenges of aging, humor helps elevate our spirits. It eases the burden of combating all the obstacles life throws at us.
Our founder, C.L. Huddleston, is 72. He has buried his parents, watched a grandmother live to 103 and a great-grandmother to 99, a great aunt to 108, survived two teenage daughters, both daughters' marriages, and the birth of grandsons, all while managing to convince his wife of 44 years to continue putting up with him. That is a great deal of experience, but not as much as the more than 2,000 client families we have served in 30 years.
Attorney Bryan Johnson is 65 and also married to the wife of his youth, with a son and a daughter. Bryan brings hard-won perspectives from his time as a probate court magistrate and a law firm principal in charge of its litigation department.
Each individual client and client family benefits from what we have learned cumulatively from all the clients we have served and the amazing range of things we have seen in a combined 85 years as lawyers.

Books Authored by our Clients

Shelves of books written by clients of Huddleston Law Group, LPA.

We said our clients were smart, and a few of them have so much to say they can't say it all in our Little Book of Great Wisdom. So they write their own.
Among our client books are a New York Times best-selling biography of two brothers and their business empire that transformed the nation, a history of the 486th Bomber Group in World War II, exciting novels (one of which may be on its way to becoming a movie), the definitive history of Ohio State football, the story of Florida's mysterious Coral Castle, several publications on women in aviation, and books on faith and faith experiences by Christian clergy and Jewish holocaust survivors. We are honored when our clients choose to present us with their writings, and we are proud to display them on our bookshelves for all to see.

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5.0 stars | 2 reviews
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